Sunday, January 27, 2019

The Weeks Are Clipping By ...

 I can tell I'm getting old because time is just flitting by and I find myself asking, "What happened? What day is it? Wait ... what year is it?"
Speaking of the passing of years, Colonial Williamsburg sent me a 2019 calendar, just in the nick of time! I'll enjoy this all year, and maybe it will alleviate some of my confusion.
 I'm on a new weave, a houndstooth:
 Here's a 5-minute video of me, weaving that:
I'm working on my new little picture book. Here's page one:
 And page two:
 This sparrow turned out rather nice:
 I have one lone dandelion blooming in my yard right now, haha! So here are blooms from the flowers Adam brought me from the grocery store. I'll pretend it's spring :)

 I love fluffy sleeping socks. A favorite pair got a hole in the toe, a result of this "ladder" -- a run, as we used to call it.
I tracked the run down to the bottom, and found the loose loop. By using a small crochet hook, and basically making a climbing chain with each of those "ladder" treads, I can re-knit it back to the toe, stitch it closed, and keep my nice sock.

Honestly, there's only the usual hum-drum going on here. Adam and I are mostly in the house, reading and writing and cooking and eating. We're doing all our church activities that we love to do. Our weeks are stacked with a doable schedule of just enough things to get us out of the house, because otherwise we'd become like this:
Image may contain: text that says 'You know you're old when you barely do anything all day but still need a nap to continue doing barely anything. SOSHARETHIS'
Also, I get my giggles every day by reading a few friends' facebook memes. I've hidden pretty much all the friends who rant about politics and kept only the ones who post animal videos and hilarious memes. How 'bout you?


  1. Yeah, I keep wondering where the day went. The book is looking good! :)

  2. I sure enjoyed your video of weaving, just lovely!
    Your picture story is cute, looking forward to your other pages.
    You have such talent and it's nice to see that you enjoy many thingsand keep active.
    Even in the winter time I find it quite refreshing to be doors, even on those cold days. :)

    Have a great week ♡

  3. Sweet book! I like your weaving too. My days have been slower than usual, but soon we will be lambing. I'm helping with feeding chores now and working on a denim quilt and a sketching class online. Good things for slow winter days.

  4. I too wonder where the days go. They sure fly by.
    Thanks for sharing the video of you weaving. Really Cool! Love the colors.
    Nice to see some colorful blooms.


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