Saturday, August 23, 2008

PHAT: Pretty Hot and Tempting

Isn't fire fun?? I love the way this fire licks along the curve of the oven ceiling. That's a cheese pizza in there, bubbling away.

Adam finally got his pizza peel this week, which helps him to get the pizza in/out of the oven. I think he's now wishing for one with a slightly longer handle!

Tada! He's also cooking the pizza right on the oven floor now, because he also got his oven brush, to thoroughly clean the bottom, so he can cook straight on it.

After we're done with pizza, he'll pull the fire out, put his bread loaves in, and bake them this evening.


Schotzy said...

Next time yu do this I want to be there! Goodness, is that the neatest thing I ever saw!!! YUMMY!! And yes, I love a contained fire. we used to hve bonfires whne I was a kid and cook clams and oysters, etc. I used to lie next to the fire and imagine all kinds of wonderful imaginings!

Beth said...

Umm, yummy -- I just had dinner and those pictures make me hungry!