Saturday, October 18, 2008

Meanwhile, at the oven...

Adam worked on his roof again today.

He put flashing all around by the brick, and then the black paper.

Then the roofing shingles. Nothing fancy, but just weatherproof.

All the while, he's keeping his temperature up in the oven - looking' good! We do love fire in the family, don't know why...

Put a table out on the patio today, because Adam is having a bunch of runners from his cross-country team at school over for a run and then pizza. Middle school boys. They will remain outdoors at all times :)

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Tammy said...

I had Patrick's soccer team over for the end of the season party (10 little boys) last year - and WE will NEVER do that again. I totally understand them 'staying outside' the whole time! :)

My children are talking about visiting you again.... they want me to put it on the calendar now.... :)