Monday, April 15, 2019

A Break in the Busy

 It's very blustery today.
We had a wedding at our church.
Adam made the cake.
 I did the flowers in the sanctuary. 
I don't have my mother's gift of arranging.
Mine have a "plopped-in-the-vase" look.
Lady Banks Rose, white irises, carnations.

 It's azalea time now. I pulled over on the road to take this picture.

 Last Thursday I went to a tea seminar in Oriental for ladies. A Tea Master instructed us all about the benefits of tea.

 Before that I was at Prayer Shawl in the morning. A lady brought us a container of fabulously delicious morsels as a thank-you. We could not identify what they were. An accompanying sauce seemed curry-ish.
 And one nice evening Adam made salads:
 I'm still painting a little, but life has gotten busy, and I have lots of cards. So I've slowed down.

Adam is preparing his potato bed today and putting in white potatoes. Lots of mowing to do too, with the rain and sunshine coming down and yelling at everything, "Time to grow!"


  1. Wow! Adam is some cake baker! That's gorgeous.

    1. Thanks, Pom! He LOVES to bake, and especially to bake beautiful things (like cakes). But he finds it pretty stressful when it's for a wedding, so he doesn't do it often.

  2. The tea class sounds like fun and the goodies look delish! Yes, nice cake!

    1. Lisa, it was really neat. She's a real expert and had a slide show. She had special training years ago. She also does a private Chinese tea ceremony for small groups of 6 to 10. I'd love to do that too.

  3. Beautiful cake and your flower arrangement looked lovely.
    That salad your husband made looks wonderful!
    My husband enjoyes growing potatoes, that's about all we can grow at our altitude. :)

    Easter Blessings ~

  4. Happy Easter to you too, Debbie!
    We can grow a lot here, but a few things that don't grow here are rhubarb, lilacs, and lavender. I really miss rhubarb :(

  5. The flowers were lovely and the cake beautiful.

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  7. Everything in this post is beautiful! Your flower arrangement looks perfect. That cake looks delicious, and such a good looking salad. Adam is an amazing cook.

  8. Wow, that azalea! It loves the soil. We can't grow them here, but I can definitely appreciate them.


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