Saturday, January 12, 2008

A perfect spring day...

Whoops! I mean, a perfect winter day. It just FELT like spring! We worked outside almost all day. This morning Adam loaded into the truck all the stuff we needed to take to the dump: shingles from his roof repair, asphalt from when he and Peter smashed up part of the driveway, lots of prickly holly branches, some recycling, and the unrepairable roto-tiller that we found in the yard when we bought the house. To the dump!

After lunch, Adam and Philip took down about 5 trees in the back yard, of various sizes. Philip spent hours cutting it into firewood for NEXT winter fires. The whole yard was (and is) littered with branches, ivy and logs. Just as soon as we get it tidy-looking, we start another project.

I spent a quiet afternoon at the front of the house, getting ivy off the brick - again! I did this about 6 months ago or so. This time, I took it down to the soil, and hopefully we'll dig it out. And we're taking the ivy out of the front brick beds on either side of the front door. I used to like all that ivy, but lately I've felt it makes the house look 'hairy,' like it needs a good cut. And the ivy growing under the windows, well, that was the last straw.

So, we're all achy and tired. But it was a good day. As I've said before, January is the BEST time of year to do yard work, in the South. No heat. No bugs. No kudzu.

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