Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Two words for today:

fossick - to dig around, to hunt for something

limn - to paint, to portray in words or describe

Both of these delightful words came to my attention in the book I'm reading, "The Big House." I'm enjoying it very much.

I have a thing about houses. Some women love make-up, some hats, some shoes. I'm desperately in love with old, mysterious houses, pieced together with odd corners, stairs, hallways and back rooms. Sigh. All my favorite children's stories have houses like that, from "Miss Suzy" to "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe." So, Mr. Colt's Big House is right up my alley, you might say! My aunt and uncle once lived in a very old house like that in rural Virginia. I must have been at an impressionable age when we visited them, because I've never quite got that house out of my imagination.

On a more practical note, not much new is happening at our house. Winterim will be over this Friday. We're all hoping for a little winter weather on Thursday.

The happy news is that I got my Smartboard in my classroom today! Yippee! I spent an hour or so playing with it, finding out what it will do. I can't wait to put some of my lessons in the program, and get some interactive grammar stuff for the students. Anything, ANYTHING, that I can get on my laptop (internet, and non) can be put on the Smartboard. And if it's interactive on the laptop with a mouse, then it's interactive on the Smartboard WITH MY FINGER. Amazing. The students love it.

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