Saturday, February 2, 2008

Saturdy morning menagerie

This morning I rebelled against my husband's coffee (so strong it can stand on its own legs), and made us all cafe au lait. Ahh. I warmed the 2% on the stove, and we all added a liquid dollop of cream. The children loved it. Why haven't I done this before. It reminded me painfully of how I miss southern France.

An odd assortment in my kitchen window, enjoying the early light: weeping fig, cilantro, aloe.

And Mother, here's a little pic for you. Remember than dead African violet you brought me? He's making a fine recovery. Just call me the resurrection lady.

Our new bird feeder. This, of course, indicates that I'm officially becoming an Old Lady. There are 2 birds there, but you can't see them. Now, I only need a bird book so I know who's who.

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  1. I cannot believe that you all are digging gardens and talking about planting things! We will be digging out of 9 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow! Spring is foreign to us at the moment. Your yard is looking so beautiful!

    We love reading your blog.

    Love Alynn


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