Friday, February 22, 2008

The Twins Have Arrived!

That's right! There they are!

The kids, lounging on the puffy softness.

Aren't they pretty?

Mr. Cool likes his new spot.

Very, very red.

Poor Adam: when he pulled up in the truck from the store, he looked so sad. He told me that, as he was driving back on the interstate, one of the couches lifted out of the back of the truck, and fell onto the road.

I was not happy.

However, the Lord was good, and the couch was barely damaged -- only 2 spots on the upholstery, on the back, and they don't show at all. Not structurally damaged at all. He's still a little gloomy though. He's had a LONG week.

I'm VERY happy to have my new couches. It took almost 8 weeks for them to get here. I've never had NEW couches before!

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