Monday, November 9, 2009

Ballet on the pavement

Well, this picture wasn't supposed to load first, but, hey, that's the story of my life right now! Still, I lurched into this road to take this shot -- I spotted this house several days ago, when the 2 trees in its front yard were in their perfect state of fall color. The tree on the right was brilliant yellow, and the one on the left, as you can still see, was the most flaming red of all the trees in town. The lovely door framed in between was too hard to resist; I only wish I'd had my camera with me the FIRST time!

Anna and Julia have been taking ballet this semester, and they had a performance at a local festival on Saturday. My camera was only barely willing to gasp out this one shot before its batteries sighed and died. Don't they look lovely?

I'm so proud of their ballet teacher. The trend in dance, as in most of culture, is toward the secular, the worldly, and the tacky. But this young woman has opened a new dance studio that is overtly Christian. She stood and read a passage of Scripture to the crowd before the girls danced. All the songs they dance to are Christian ones ("Amazing Grace" and songs like that). I hugged her and told her what a wonderful testimony for Christ her business is.

I haven't blogged much recently -- honestly, our lives are rather stressful right now, with the whole job situation. Adam redid his resume, sent it out to various businesses in this area. He feels that, if God does not provide a church for him to pastor, he needs to find work to provide for his family. His heart is not in it, but he is trying. And tomorrow night will be a very important church meeting that may well determine whether he will be able to become the full time pastor at our church. Please pray for this meeting, that God's will will prevail, and that His Spirit will guide the men present.

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