Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pies Galore!

I began baking pies early today, right after lounging on the couch in my nightgown, sipping eggnog and gazing into the fire.... Anyway, three of the pies required simple no-roll crusts, so I began with those:
I had all the ingredients in the pantry, and I began with the pumpkin pies.
They are quick to mix up. Some of the stuff on the counter was left from breakfast -- I made pancakes since Philip is home. (At this point, the mama-heart flutters and feels warmer; it's lovely to have all our kids home again.)
Here are the first three; the one on top is a chocolate chess pie, one of Adam's favorites, and I haven't baked one in years!
Lastly, I made a whopping apple pie. It wasn't until afternoon that I could finally face the prospect of making REAL pastry crust -- NOT one of my primary skills :) Still, I think it turned out fine.


  1. I love pies better than anything. These look wonderfully delicious!

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  3. I just saw a recipe for chocolate chess pie and was thinking of making one for Christmas. I decided to make more pies and fewer cookies this Christmas....I hope. ;-)


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