Monday, November 2, 2009

Not much to say,

But I heard a rumor that November is National Blogging Month (?), so I'd better start rambling - haha!

What's happened lately?
Our church had a soup and sandwich luncheon yesterday for Adam, as the culmination of our Pastor Appreciation Month. We had such a big turnout! 2 new families have started visiting our church in the past few weeks, and we had additional visitors yesterday, so there was a great crowd. Many friends at church have given us cash too, which is a big help right now. It was a blessing.

And we had handbell choir last night. I'm directing it, which is very close to being downright humorous. However, after only 3 rehearsals, they played all the way through "O Come, O Come Emmanuel," and did rather well. We'll be playing that for Advent.

My ear hurt last night, so I decided to put some rubbing alcohol in it. Somehow -- how? -- I bumped the bottle of alcohol and it fell to the floor, splattering alcohol into the corner of my eye. So I quickly put my head in the sink and began flushing my eye with water. (It hurt quite a bit!) Meanwhile, from the floor I hear "glug, glug, glug" of rubbing alcohol on the floor. Now my bathroom smells like a nursing home, as Adam says.

Today we dove back into school again, with 3 weeks to go until Thanksgiving Break. The only subject that's been a bit of a disappointment is Adam's science class with the high schoolers. For some reason they are not fond of grinding the lens of a telescope for many hours; however, this is necessary if you want the final result! So, now they are slogging through the textbook only (its own form of a 'grind'), and Adam is sorry that perhaps his telescope project, which he's longed for since childhood, may still not materialize.

Today at WalMart I found whole turkeys on sale for 40 cents/ pound, so I got one. They were playing Christmas music, and I was imagining the aroma of turkey flowing through the house all afternoon, some time this week. But when I got home, I soon found that I have absolutely, positively NO ROOM in my frig or freezer for a turkey!

So I suppose turkey is on the menu tomorrow evening, after it thaws, and that aroma will be here faster than I thought!

No other news. Philip seems happy at college. Peter's soccer tournament is this weekend, and he's "pumped," as they say. He's enjoying our church's youth group and all the young people there. The girls are content at being home like they are, and they adore our new puppy, Sandy.
And Adam, who has realized that he really must look around for other work in case the church position does not pan out, has a job interview in Charlotte next Monday. He redid his resume, and it seems to have produced results! He's encouraged, and although it is sad that he's now applying for secular jobs, he's glad to be moving forward. We still pray that, if God wants him to be a pastor, He will honor Adam's efforts in that direction, and open the door.

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