Friday, April 10, 2015

New Wood on the Typhoon

One inescapable expense in our boat redo is the wood for all the trim. Adam researched types of wood and settled on white oak. To replace our old teak trim with new teak would cost around $1000. But white oak will serve the purpose well and costs much, much less.
He found a place in New Bern that could provide the small amount of white oak we need. As soon as we brought it home yesterday he began marking it up, measuring from the old trim wood.
These particular pieces are called coamings. They go around the sides of the cockpit and prevent water from splashing in ... a little. I think these are the largest pieces of trim he will replace.
Old teak ... new oak
Today he launched into finishing the deck painting and beginning to cut the new oak boards.
The deck is a pale gray/white. I love it. But it looks so very bare now, with absolutely no trim or hardware on it!
 New oak boards, on their way to becoming new coamings.
 This is Saw Central. I helped Adam a little when he was stripping some very long boards for slender trim pieces. He fed them through, and I drew them out the other side. All fingers are intact.
 Some of those thin strips, and some of the companionway trim he's started cutting:
 He needed thicker pieces to go between the coamings and the cabin top, so he's making some of them thicker by glueing them together.
 And cinching them together with vice grips.
 He'll start on varnish immediately. Each coat of varnish takes a full 24 hours to dry, and he'll apply five coats. There's no fast way to do that.
We hope very much to get at least one sail in before we leave for Philip and Kara's wedding in May. Fingers crossed! Look at that glossy paint job!


  1. Lots of hard work sure paying off. Looks great.

  2. So cool! You guys are so smart! ;)

  3. Such a resourceful man! Well done Adam, or as some Aussies say "On ya Mate"

  4. Glad to hear about the fingers. Not so glad about the stress. Even this will pass xx

  5. He is very clever! Glad no fingers were lost! I terrified my neighbour by reaching my hand into the very sharp blades of his lawnmower to clean out grass- he winced and told me the tale of a girl who lost 2 fingers doing that- I was suitably chastised!


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