Saturday, April 18, 2015

Toe Rails, etc.

Adam is very eager to put some wood trim back on the boat. The first trim to add are the toe rails. They run along the top edges of the deck.
They are long pieces of white oak, spliced together with epoxy.
He's attaching them with screws into the fiberglass.
The peanut gallery ... or the support team, however you see it.
Adam attached the toe rail on this whole side. Looks nice, doesn't it?
Then he used a small hand plane to bevel the outer corner
After this he sanded that corner a bit, but you can't run the risk of sanding the lovely paint job. So after he'd fitted it, put in the screws, and cut it the correct length, he removed the toe rail to do more sanding on it and apply varnish.
I need to show you some of the wood with the varnish; it looks like golden honey. It's truly beautiful. I can't wait to see that golden wood next to that brilliant blue paint. Is it okay to swoon over a boat?
Silly doggies. Daddy must've twitched, because they looked over at him.
"Hey, you two! Look at mama!"
I wrote the above post a few days ago, so now ... an update ...
Adam has been varnishing all that woodwork he cut and sanded. The varnish is gorgeous! It makes the white oak a warm buttery, honey-colored gold.
 Above are the coamings, the rails along the cockpit seats, and the trim on the companionway door.
 See what I mean by the color?
It looks great against the blue of the hull.
 He lays the long toe rails and rub rails along these yard chairs to keep them up and accessible as he varnishes them. He sanded for a Very Long Time.

 I'm so excited about how lovely it looks. I think she'll be a pretty boat.


  1. Such patience this all takes! But it is going to be beautiful! Say hello to the peanut gallery for me. :)

  2. What a lot of loving work on this little boat. I love the honey colored wood with the blue paint. Yes, you are allowed to swoon, especially since your DH is the one refurbishing this boat.

    Your little canines are cutie pies.

    Have a lovely Sunday and a great week.


  3. That boat is really coming along. And you are dead right. The honey colour of the timber looks fantastic with the blue paint.

  4. Totally beautiful; love the work of Adam's heart and hands!

  5. Such a labor ofLove!and beautiful!
    Blessings, Sue


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