Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What's Happenin'?

I took one early morning bike ride last week and caught the sunrise nudging the wind vane atop this riverfront house.
Last spring these two tulips made no appearance. Then suddenly --
Adam's been working like a proverbial Trojan on his boat. He did the last prep work before painting.
The paint job he did on the upper hull is magnificent. Many passersby have stopped, oooohed, and commented. One man offered him $5K for the boat, point blank, as is. Cool! But no thanks. We have some sailing to do.
Adam did the anti-skid (the beige) on the deck. Today, he painted the white surfaces on the deck.
Look what came in the mail! Is this the most exciting thing that can happen in a family? Mere weeks away.
I did find my dress for the wedding at a lovely consignment store in New Bern -- my favorite store. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to share a photo of the dress ... some things wedding-related are supposed to be kept secret till "the day." But I thought I could share the shoes!!

They were discounted to $4 because the caps on the itty-bitty heels were broken off. They go great with the necklace I found too. So I bought them (a pair of $200 Donald Pliners!) and took them straight to a shoe repair shop. Do you know how hard it is to find a good old-fashioned shoe repair shop these days? They are a dying breed. But we have one in New Bern! The shoe man is a quirky Hispanic fellow with a pet chicken in his store. He was wonderful, fixed them in five minutes, and charged me only $7.
That was a thrill!
Remember the house in town that was moved down the street? Here it is, on its way to being beautiful again. I love the new front steps. The brick work is pretty too.
At the empty lot where the house once stood, a new house is just beginning to go up.
It will be a raised house (handy in a flood zone) up on these brick pilings, quite a few of them.
We have lazy days in Oriental now. Warm. Breezy. Bees buzzing and dogs lounging.
We're enjoying it very much. So is Sandy.


  1. Enjoy your wonderful spring and the wonderful wedding! Look forward to photos of you sailing that boat!

  2. Aw! I love Sandy! Your wedding shoes are cute! Yay for boat progress!

  3. Beautiful boat! Tell your husband great work!
    What a desk on your dress and shoes. :-) yes, shoe repair shops are very hard to find. We have one in our area but she, yes she, takes months to fix anything. I remember once having to go and get my item as it seemed she was never going to fix it. Odd in her own way, but super sweet.
    Nice to visit with you Mary Kathrine.
    Have a great rest of the week,

  4. Woo hoo! Spring! Love the shoes. I'm sure I'd enjoy a visit to the shoe repair shop as well to meet this man and his chicken!

  5. That boat is beautiful!
    I'm so happy about your shoes as well as your dress - and I put a new computer desktop sticky note up about the wedding date :-)

  6. Lots going on there. Adam seems to be coming along nicely with the boat. Such a pretty tulip surprise you had. Way to go on the shoes for the wedding. I bet you are excited. Sandy looks content watcing her surroundings.


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