Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I've been a bit absentee. Lots going on: wedding, graduations, travel, homeschooling-morphing-into-dual-enrollment, musical rehearsals/performances-around-the-corner. Bits of stress going on too, but I can't really chat about that. Sometimes more than just bits.
So, to put on a happy face, let's talk about shoes!
Here are the ones I bought for the wedding. Remember? $4. Very simple straps.
hat tip to Julia's feet
A profile shot. Love the heel, and those are the new rubber caps put on by the funny shoe repair man with the pet chicken.
Apparently these are up-scale shoes, but my feet really don't know the difference.
I adore how it says they were made ... not just in Italy ... but in the mountains of Italy! These are not valley shoes - hahaha!
Julia found her dress for the wedding at J.C. Penney. It's so absolutely perfect -- great fit, modest, elegant, cool. We both love it.
Don't all we 50-something women remember those days when we were a perfect size and shopping was so easy?
Her shoes for the wedding:
Julia is not actually a member of the wedding party; she doesn't have an official role, so I thought it was legal to share her clothes with you ahead of time :)
Adam's been doing a lot of bee work too. I'll talk about that in the next post.


  1. Julia looks lovely in that outfit. As you say, don't we all wish....
    Cant believe you found shoes for $4

  2. Julia looks so old! Yikes! What a cutie! Your Italian shoes are groovy, MK! I hope you aren't too stressed!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful! Isn't this exciting?

  4. I love your shoes-- mountain shoes no less! I love slides and am waiting on a couple pair to arrive by UPS soon.

    Julia looks just exquisite! I like he shoes a lot too.

    You're all going to look lovely for the wedding.

  5. Try to enjoy it and relax if you can. It will all be history before you know it and you'll be longing for some action! lol. Well, maybe not. :) Keep on keeping those bees!

  6. I like both pairs of shoes. : )
    Pretty dress too.

  7. What an exciting time! Love that your shoes were 'made in the mountains of Italy'. :-) They look comfortable.

    Julia looks so lovely and grown up. I love her shoes and dress, the shoes I could wear, but not the dress. Those were the days. My body has changed in about the 50 years since I was her age.

    Have fun and keep us posted.

    Feel God's love, peace and strength flowing through you dear MK.


  8. I have been absentee for many of the same reasons. You are right, many stresses cannot go on the blog, but I'm all for talking about shoes;) Love yours and Julia's! You will both be beautiful at the wedding.

  9. Hello lovely, sorry I have been away and I hate commenting on my phone! The shoes are really nice, I particularly like the colour- are they the colour of your outfit? Julia looks splendid and really chic- that dress fits her perfectly!x

  10. Very pretty shoes, and your daughter looks lovely.


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