Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Table Full of Thanks

This morning I experienced one of the great joys of motherhood: listening to my grown (and nearly-grown) children talk, laugh, bond, re-connect ... while I cooked away in the kitchen with sweet potatoes and green beans. The dogs were happy too.
Adam spent the morning cooking up a storm at church preparing for our big dinner there.
Eighteen of us sat around the table -- young and old, members and visitors, families and singles.

I decorated the long table where we served family style, as usual.
Julia loved sitting between these two littler girls, teaching them all about napkins around the neck.
My plate, loaded with goodness.
After dishes and cleaning up, and then transitioning the church decorations from Thanksgiving to Christmas (because this Sunday is the first of Advent after all!), we came home and collapsed. But before I knew it, two big boys were out in the field, starting up a conflagration --
Peter and Philip rolled that big crepe myrtle stump all the way back there and turned it over into the fire.
As twilight deepened into night, we girls watched the menfolk work.

We relaxed there and had s'mores, and then realized it was only 6:30 -- we all moaned  in disbelief because we were so tired. Now we're lounging in the living room, talking about movies. But I bet we'll be too lazy to put one in the machine and actually watch one.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. We've had a lovely day with lots of pie left over.


  1. A country Thanksgiving at its finest! It's so wonderful that you do the church dinner for many who might not have another place to go. God bless! :)

  2. Happy thanksgiving!! thank for share

  3. What a lovely day you had with family and church. The food looked delicious!

    The fire really looked wonderful, so inviting to sit around and have s'mores. :-)

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  4. Thanksgiving memories. How lovely these will be.

  5. I love the bonfire pictures. I have felt the same way about the night coming on so soon, but bedtime so late! I get lazy about going to bed, which I am doing right this moment... After a certain point it's easier to just stay up, and up... I guess that's because it is such a process anymore getting ready for sleep. Good night!


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