Friday, November 6, 2015

To Calm the Inner Beast

Maggie is growing like a weed! Today she was wallowing in a pile of pine straw, happy as a clam.

Awwww! Not too bad for a mutt who only cost us $25.
Puppies can be quite good for the human spirit. They make us smile and laugh. We all need to relax our spirits. Another way to do this is coloring -- did you know that? Adult coloring books are the latest thing! If you wander into Michael's or other craft stores, you'll see them. I bought a coloring book recently at Ollie's, a discount store. It cost $5.79.
It's a lovely book with pretty pictures of some mandalas in the front -- circular designs with intricate patterns. Other coloring books have intricate drawings of animals, paisley designs, flowers, and other patterns.

Here's the mandala I just started today:
So many pretty ones! This will keep me busy in my few quiet, leisure moments. Coloring is viewed now as a stress-reliever. If you think of the hours you spent coloring as a child, you might remember its effect. The focus and concentration, and attention to simple things, the self-control of motor skills -- these things contribute to an inner feeling of calm.
Plus, it's pretty! I used my 50% off coupon at Michael's to get some decent colored pencils.

Although our temperatures the past couple of days have been (sadly) quite warm (80 degrees), autumn still advances around us.

These pics are from New Bern Thursday. When I shopped at Michael's, I had two receipts and for each one I received a 50% off coupon to use NEXT time! So excited. I already know items I want to buy for Julia for Christmas, or for my soap business. Anyway, on the way out to the car, somehow I dropped/lost one of those coupons. Boohoo :( I was SO sad. A coupon like that, to me, is worth anything from $6 to $20. Lots of items at Michael's I simply won't buy if I don't have a 50% off coupon. Julia and I drove away, but that lost coupon bothered me. I felt as if I'd left a $20 bill in the parking lot. After a few other errands, I told Julia I had to go back through that part of the parking lot and look. And guess what? I found it! Hooray! I use those coupons (plus sales on yarn) to keep my business costs down all winter, and to buy Christmas presents.

How's your autumn coming along? Are you happy and calm, or frantic and worried? Do some coloring, pet a puppy, and view some leaves before they all fall to the ground. It's beautiful out there!


  1. I don't find coloring to be relaxing, though I do it to be sociable....maybe that's the problem. I need to do it when I'm alone...?

  2. I used to colour in with my grand daughters when they were younger. Even today the youngest will occasionally bring out the pencils and colouring books and we'll sit there chatting and colouring. More often than not one of the others (or Mum) joins in too. As you say, very peaceful and relaxing.

  3. I read this with bated breath. I'm so glad you found your coupon. I use coupons whenever I can, so I appreciate how they are just like money.

  4. I use those coupons too! I find that I can regularly print the 40% coupon off from their website right before I go shop. It's rare I have the 50% off one. I buy soap packaging and pretty paper to use for my soaps and labels and such. I'm glad you found your coupon!

  5. Maggie as the cutest face. : )
    I color all the time. Always have!!

  6. My daughter-in-law loves coloring; she finds it a great way to relax. Maggie looks wonderful --- sweet girl. All is well here, too. Finally got a little more rain!

  7. I always loved to color and doodled LOTS!

    I've seen those adult coloring books at Michael's and was tempted.

    What a great story that you found the 50% coupon! That's a God gift to you.

    Have a lovely Sunday and happy fall ~ FlowerLady

  8. I tried zentangling for a while because it was supposed to be relaxing. I found it quite the opposite! Too many patterns to decide about. I'm a very indecisive person. ;) I was filling in a pen drawing today and did find it very relaxing to just fill in spaces with a circular motion of my pen. No decisions. That's probably the same as with coloring. That Maggie has a wonderful life. :)


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