Tuesday, November 3, 2015

For My Dear Friends Who Are (Sadly) "No-Reply Comment" Bloggers

Alright -- Lisa asked how she can fix the "no-reply comment" thing. I searched on Google and found two blog posts from helpful people. They seem to say the same thing. It's not very hard to fix.

I believe GretchenJoanna and Deborah Montgomery are both "no-reply." I'm not quite sure. I know I've conversed with Debbie, so I'm not sure why she popped up as a "no-reply" blogger yesterday. Debbie, I had to open up a new email box and email you directly, instead of using a reply.

Here's the first link. Her name's Venus and she's a little sassier :)

Here's the second link.

Both the links give you page shots with notes to show you exactly what to do.

Basically, I think you have to ask your blogger dashboard profile to show your email address to the person on whose blog you are posting a comment. If you allow that, then the person can email you back easily, and occasionally a lovely conversation develops about things you have in common. Some of my best blog friendships have resulted from these email exchanges.

However, it's perfectly understandable that some people don't really want to share their email addresses, even with people whose blogs they read. In that case, you may just need to accept that you will comment, but that the bloggers you read won't reply to your comments. Or you might want to get a separate email address that's ONLY for blogging conversations.

This post is mainly for those who are "no-reply" and unaware of it. In the first link above, there's apparently an easy way to find out, just by looking on your blogger dashboard. Go look! I did :)

I'm not quite sure, but I think last time I blogged about this (and I can't find that post), I discovered that PomPom and Kezzie were "no-reply."  I'd been merrily carrying on (what I thought was) a fabulous friendship conversation with PomPom for ages, never realizing that she didn't every ANSWER my reply emails to her. It's because she wasn't getting them! I giggled when I found that out. Since then both PomPom and Kezzie have changed their settings and I'm able to email back and forth with them easily.

I hope this helps!


  1. I started as a no-reply blogger and had no idea. I can't remember how I changed it. But I have to say that I find the instructions in your second link much easier to understand.

  2. Funny thing. Today suddenly I'm getting email notifications when someone comments on my post, and on your posts. Like I subscribed to the comments. I don't think I did. One of your comments popped up in my email and it said "no-reply comment" on it. Maybe that's because of my settings? Anyway, I'll read these links when I get a chance. I can also understand how someone like Pom Pom, who gets SOOOO many comments, might not have the time to reply to everyone. :)

  3. Okay. I read both of the links. I did what both of them said. Well, not actually what either of them said, because my little email box was already checked, and my profile already said that I'm a Blogger person, with no button to revert. So, HEY, I must not be a "no reply comment" blogger! (She said sarcastically, because obviously I am, but I still don't know why!) Neither fix did me any good. I'm really okay with my status. I love receiving emails from you and others, but it seems there's nothing to do about it. :)

  4. OR maybe it has something to do with having a gmail account? I'm noticing that those of us who are "no-replyers" don't have gmail. Hmmm...

  5. I got a gmail account and changed my email in my settings. How do we know if it made a difference?

  6. People who have a Google+ account are no-reply bloggers and that can't be fixed.

  7. I actually haven't changed my settings- it's just because you commented on mine, I could see your email address when the comment was sent to my inbox so I could actually reply direct to your email! I'm afraid I am still a bit paranoid about what people (stalker types or school parents) could do with my email address!x

  8. When I leave a comment on someone's blog, the blog author can follow a link my blog if she wants, and on the About page I have my (public) e-mail listed, if she wants to send me a private e-mail. We WordPress bloggers always get an e-mail address for anyone who comments on our blog posts, but I can't remember how it was for me when I used Blogger.


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