Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Small Wonders

I love autumn trees and their dying leaves. I found this one at the church last week. A pear leaf, I believe.
So many colors in there! After it sat on my dining room table for several days, it turned solid brown.
And speaking of colorful, last Friday we decorated cookies in our class at the afterschool program.
Those 6th graders thoroughly enjoyed piling icing, candy, marshmallows and sprinkles on big, flat sugar cookies.

I made that bottom one, in the photo above.
Most of them made one for their moms, which was sweet. And they made them for teachers and siblings. How simple it can be to make others happy! The dough was a slice-and-bake dough from WalMart. I baked them at home. The decorations were easy and bright. How happy they were making them and giving them. If you want a great activity for some kids (of any age ...), here it is. Bake them ahead of time; that's the boring part. Set it all out on a table and let them do what they want. This is another activity we'll do again this year.


  1. I greatly admire your leaf - God's leaf. I hadn't seen a pear tree turning color this year so I'm glad you shared it.

    Your cookie project reminds me of a recipe I have for cookie *paint* that is painted on *before* the sugar cookies are baked. The design bakes into the cookies and the colors are more subtle, the design softened... Maybe I'll post that recipe, not that it would be something you could easily do in a classroom, lacking as they usually are in ovens! I've always had groups of children do the painting, but in my kitchen.

  2. Hey, that one cookie looks like Frankenstein! :) Sounds like fun!

  3. Great idea to let kids decorate cookies for loved ones.


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