Monday, March 14, 2016

Basketball Repair

The afterschool program where I work has a playground area that's basically a big parking lot. It has no swanky, expensive playground equipment. So when the basketball goals are broken and need repair, it's a sad day. Those boys LOVE to play basketball. We have over 130 kids in our program, so those two goals get a lot of use.
Adam volunteered to try to fix the situation. We had one stationary goal without a rim (needed to be welded back on) and a broken-out backboard.
We had another mobile goal (with the heavy plastic base), but it's backboard frame was rusted, mangled, and beyond use:

So Adam took the base of the mobile goal,
And he attached the pole and backboard from the stationary goal to it, after putting on a "new" wooden backboard.
Then he attacked the rim from the mobile goal to that backboard.

He worked so hard for most of the day with rather indifferent materials, so that the kids could have something to play ball on.
Most days, I'm enjoying my job these days and am thankful for a chance to participate in these kids' lives. I'm very grateful to have a supportive husband who even volunteers his labor, tools, and time to help ... plus, he has dinner ready for me every evening when I come home from work. Isn't that nice?


  1. VERY nice and you are making a difference. You care for them in practical ways and they notice, even if they can't articulate their observations.
    Yay for good Adam! What a guy!

  2. That's what the world needs more of. Folks who get out there and meet needs. (Talkin' to myself!) Good job, both of you! :)


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