Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What Adam's Up To

He's scything again. Some of our grasses weeds are high enough. He's also raking vines and stumps and all manner of junk out of the orchard so he can mow in there.
scything by the beehives
Peter is home for his spring break! He'a graduating in May and has plans for this summer and fall that I'll share later. He and Adam got busy in the kitchen.
Chopping garlic ...
Adam's teaching him a baked bean recipe, "cowboy beans," so Peter can cook them this summer. He'll be working at a small off-grid farm and his cooking options will be limited. He's heard, however, that there are plenty of beans.
beans in the pot - garlic, onions, bacon, assorted beans
Peter declared the finished product delicious.
Our church is having a Seder Supper tomorrow evening, so Adam is making Matza. Lotsa Matza.
This was SUCH a good batch! Lighter than air. I got a nibble.
He made a batch of yogurt:
and a batch of pickles:
and some pork jerky for Peter.
We're trying to eat healthy (again) and get back on the weight-loss wagon! That man has been in the kitchen all day long. The refrigerator is full. The aromas are pleasing. Life is good.
Update: This evening we drove to New Bern and acquired a dog! A lady online had found this dog, worked hard but unsuccessfully to locate the owner, and was desperately looking for a new home for her. She's a yellow lab, not young, very sweet and calm. Tonight she's staying with Julia :) Her name is Polly.


  1. Congrats on the new/older dog! An older, calm dog sounds like a good thing! Those beans look wonderful. I'm a bean fan! Is there anything Adam doesn't know how to do?!? Have fun with all those vittles! :) Peter's adventure sounds interesting. Hope to hear more!

  2. Great news about your new rescue dog. Looking forward to lots of stories about her.

  3. Well, busy news on your home front once again. That bean dish looks delicious. I need to cook up a pot myself.

    Congrats on getting a sweet older dog. I look forward to reading about Polly.

    Have a lovely Easter weekend ~ FlowerLady

  4. I'm trying to get on the weight loss train too. It doesn't help that food is so good!! God has provided so richly. Anyway, I'm am so excited for your new doggie! We are turtle and rat sitting for friends this week while they are on spring break.

  5. A busy place, as always. The Cowboy Beans look great. I love a pot of homemade beans. And the matza! I've not had it, but it looks like something I'd like.

    Best wishes on your new doggie friend.

  6. Adam is amazing! He's a go getter these days! I don't know how he gets so much done. The pickles look especially beautiful.


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