Thursday, March 10, 2016

Scarfies for Girlies

I finished at last the red/black/white scarf I had on the loom. Julia's been drooling over it for a week, so I decided this would be HER scarf :) She likes it. Those are her colors.
You'll notice she did a little hair enhancement on the ends.

On the day the puppies died, Adam brought flowers to cheer the house.

 I desperately wanted to send Anna to Japan (Did I mention she is moving to Japan? More on that later.) with a mama-made scarf. So I immediately warped up some fun yarn. She liked the last golden one I did.
I'm posting this warp in a big photo so I can remember what I did. Because it turned out quite beautifully, and I want to be able to replicate this scarf after the original is half a world away!
I learned before that adding a bit of pink is just a good idea. Anna has an olive complexion, kind of Mediterranean, so the bits of orange complement that. And yellow/orange look so good with dark blue. Mostly, the sharp contrasting bands of light and dark make for a stand-out warp.
 It doesn't look quite as good in photos as in person. It's not quite so "stripey" looking. But those colors really work.
We're trying to decide how to finish the ends. Anna wanted an infinity scarf (which is a wider warp, but a much shorter weave, thankfully). She wants the ends enclosed. I hate to conceal all that fun bling! But when you look at all that fringe, yeah, it needs to be finished off and hidden on an infinity scarf.

She'd just woken up, so I promised not to show her face :)


  1. Beautiful, beautiful scarves for your girls! You make it look easy!

  2. Lovely scarves made with lots of love. Your girls will cherish these gifts.

    Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

  3. Love the scarves. They are both beautiful, but my favorite is the second one.
    When we had to have our dog SammyJo put down our vet sent us flowers.

  4. How beautiful! Sending a hug. (The flowers are beautiful.)

  5. wow, M.K., I'm very impressed. You're so talented! I love those scarves.
    Every time I think of you I send up a prayer. Blessings. xo

  6. Your weaving is wonderful. I hope you guys are doing okay. Still sad, I know.


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