Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Back on the Loom

Finally, I am back to weaving. Autumn is almost here! Yippeee! Let the pumpkins come! Scarf weather is almost upon us! I sold two scarves at the market last Saturday, so I'd better get hoppin' and weavin' to make some more.
This scarf has been sitting on my loom for over a month. I was glad to get it off of there!
It has some cool, fuzzy yarns mixed with sparkle and a few sequins:
 Goldish thick thread was the warp, and the weft varied from pale, gossamer-weight stuff that took forever to weave, to a fluffy, bulkier purple.
After getting that off my loom, I switched to something very different, a houndstooth pattern in two darker colors.
 This yarn was gifted to me a couple of years ago by a dear friend. It's "Yarn Bee," and one would not necessarily think the two colors -- jewel blue and rust brown/red -- would co-habitate well. But they do!
 Isn't that pretty? I love doing houndstooth.

 It's amazing how two colors that look okay (but not fabulous) next to each other on the loom, can transform into something warm and beautiful when woven.
The scarf below I started this morning after reading a little about color choices in weaving. You can find yourself in some ugly weaving situations if you don't carefully choose your colors.
The photograph isn't very true - the background color is gray:
But the primary weft color is more of a heathered blue/green (below), so the scarf looks blue. Accent colors are a matching heathered red/cranberry, and a bright pastel yellow with a little sparkle, which came from Anna in Japan.

I think the result will be very nice. The black accent in the warp is a speckled Impeccable yarn.
That's it for now!

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  1. I always struggle with color sense - unfortunately sometimes I only know that colors don't work together after I put a garment, etc. together! Frequently I have to change my outfit a few times because I realize - hopefully before I am sitting in a meeting - that the tones are clashing. I suppose I will always be learning about this!


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