Thursday, September 29, 2016

Snatching the Morning

After chicken tending this morning I noticed the colors of the bean field and the kudzu-covered trees. I dashed inside and grabbed my camera.
The slanting sun prevented me from seeing what I was photographing. I clicked a few times.
When I went back outside a few minutes later, the sun had retreated; the effect was gone.
Autumn morning


  1. Sometimes you just have to grab the camera! The skies have been unusual these past few days here, too --- clouds, then sun, then that wonderful mix. My critters are enjoying the mild weather. I'm anxious for the cool and the crisp!

  2. Lovely photos. The top one reminds me of pictures we used to see in Sunday school. I believed that the rays were grace coming from heaven!

  3. What a wonderful view to see.

    Thanks for sharing. FlowerLady

  4. Sometimes you just have to point and press and hope you are pointing in the right direction. You have captured the mood beautifully in that top photo.

  5. Good capture! Glad you got it. The pics are beautiful. Fall light can be so unpredictable.


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