Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Falling Behind

Do you remember the feeling of being in a group of walkers or runners, and everyone rushed ahead? And you were left in the dust? I became a lagger and stroller with a couple of friends, and in the end we resolved ourselves to falling behind.

Sometimes life feels that way, yes?

PomPom left a comment yesterday reminding me to visit her blog again to see her new kitten. Which I did! Except ... in my irritating way I couldn't just read the kitten post; I had to read ALL her posts :) I just had to. I couldn't bear to miss out on anything! PomPom had about 8 posts, I think, since I'd last caught up.

And it was so fun to read about her happy life in Colorado! Whyohwhy do I lag behind and forget to read about my friends' happy (or not) lives elsewhere? It's so restorative to me; it pulls me out of my own little miseries and frustrations. It's a good thing to touch the lives of others, and blogging is wonderful that way.

So this morning I looked at other friends' backlog of posts. Karen has 30! How will I read them all? I felt safe clicking over to Mags; she doesn't post very often ... but even Mags had 6 unread posts! Argh. Rainey has 10, Gretchen has 16, Prolific Kezzie ... 19! Alright, gals, it may be a while before I get around to all of it. And sometimes ... I do confess ... I skip around to a few here and there that seem interesting to me. I know we all do that.
My loom has remained untouched for about a month. I call this my Yearly Break from Yarn, but in fact it's gone on longer than usual, and I need to get back to it.

 I made a batch of soap because I was running so low.
Doggies are snoozy. Sometimes I envy them their lethargy.

 I am thoroughly enjoying my chickens. They are hysterical to watch! Hens erupt from the coop in the morning. Bernie does his crazy side-ways chicken hop at them. Lucy squawks at Punkin and runs her away from the nesting box. Ethel hogs the food. Ruby lets me feed her and pet her now.
 I've playing the piano a little more lately ... not just hurriedly preparing for Sunday morning, but playing through old pieces, learning a few better. It's quite soothing.
Bottom line: my big issue is contentment. I always, always feel that life is supposed to be a little better, a little calmer, a little happier. It's never quite good enough for me. That's a sin (oh yes it is) that I need to wrangle with a bit. Incorporated into discontent is a spirit of ungratefulness, the closer-to-the-heart matter.

Update from last post about "longing for community" -- I do think our American coffee shops often serve this purpose in some communities. I think we need more of them. I think Americans need to feel free to sit in the coffee shop and nurse a cup for a couple of hours and RELAX instead of dashing around. Oriental has a good coffee shop for this purpose. The farmers' market there, although having a lovely friendly feel, is small, attracts a small segment of the populace, and only lasts for 3 hours each Saturday. A REAL community hub should be accessible much more often (IMO). 

Maybe I should open a coffee shop in Bayboro where I live now? Haha!!! That will never happen! I'd love to have a combo Tea Room/Yarn/Fabric Shop. How 'bout that?


  1. I don't doubt for a minute that you have the energy to set up a little crafters' tea room on your farm. I'm sure it would be a money spinner.

  2. You have been busy on the farm, learning a new way of living.

    Wow, a Tea Room/Yarn/Fabric Shop sounds GREAT! I bet you could pull it off too and sell your eggs, soaps, salves, weavings etc.

    Enjoy each day to the fullest.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. I'd love to come and visit your little shop. : )
    I must be the Karen who as 30 posts!! : ) I've always had a journal so don't find it hard to blog every day.

  4. We need a WI! :) Winter is coming, and with it more time for weaving and reading blogs. Spring, summer and fall are busy seasons for you farmers. Don't be so hard on yourself! But I too have problems with the sin of discontent. I have to consciously look at the world with new eyes and realize how blessed I am even with the hard things still present. (Like heading to work shortly!) There's so much I need to hand over to God more completely, like worrying about my children instead of remembering how much He loves them. I should be praying, not worrying. Anyway, God bless us every one! :)

  5. Have open house every now and again. We do that at Christmas- and we are doing a thing with friends: Invite Yourself to Sunday Lunch thing which is very exciting- maybe I'll get round to blogging it ha ha ha!

  6. Oh, you are busy ----- and it's okay to linger over what strikes you as needful at the time! I'm in a Junk Gypsy mood these days and find myself lingering over related stuff. (See my blog for a few of the details. I'm promoting their new book.) All is well on the farm. Loved hearing about your chickens! Mine are quirky as well; that's part of their charm. Heading to your farm blog in a few minutes as I too am behind!


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