Monday, August 12, 2019


Yes, 'tis the season (in the South) to stay indoors because the weather outside is atrocious! Hot and sticky. It's not too early, however, to knit for the autumn farmer's market. I made a pair of fingerless gloves.

 Those were fun and not too hard. I made up the pattern as I went (and tried hard to remember it for the second one!), but I needed my trusty knitting book for the cabling and seed stitch.
 Yesterday Adam and I attended the 50th (yes, fifty!!) annual Watermelon Cutting Party in Oriental at Fay Bond's home.
 A delightful event full of community goodwill and fun, the party is a chance to see old friends and slurp away at some of the best watermelon in the state. Have you ever tried a golden watermelon? It was scrumptious! It had a little extra 'zing' to it.
I sold quite a few cards over the weekend, so I must get painting. Here are a few new ones.

 I think this is my best pot of geraniums yet.
 A friend has an oil diffuser similar to this one in her home. It's a subdued aromatic effect, not as aggressive as incense sticks that you burn. I found one at Target. I think I like it! I could not find the scent she uses, though, so mine is not quite as lovely.
 Following swift on the heels of our wedding anniversary is the anniversary of our first date! On that date Adam made me a chicken sandwich, so he's been celebrating by bettering that sandwich year after year ever since.
 Friday night we went to New Bern to hear the North Carolina Baroque Opera. It was a superb concert.
 My favorite was the Andante by Friedrich der Grosse. There was a piece for four violas. My favorite instruments were the woodwinds. Baroque flutes are wooden and have such a mellow, rich sound.
 Did I mention our okra plants are bearing? Yes, they are. I'm freezing okra for winter. I think we'll eat a lot of it.
 When I was in Mississippi I wrote for a couple of hours each morning. Anna was tired and slept in, and it was a good use of my time. This put me in a routine that I've continued. Right now I'm plowing through the first writing of this novel ... just about to kill me ... but I am enjoying the feeling of accomplishment. Writing is such hard work. It taxes and exhausts the brain. If you know a writer who's published books, tell them you are impressed with their hard work and determination!

I've been painting a few little animals also.

The sheep looks goofy to me, but a lady at the farmer's market thought he was adorable. You never know! That's all for now, folks. All is fairly well with us. Can't complain.


  1. Good work! I can't imagine making up a knitting pattern as you go! But then I've only made simple scarves and washcloths, lol. The writing does sound satisfying. Maybe I'll try that once my company is gone. I always have an excuse NOT to do it! Shame on me! :)

    1. Thank you, Lisa. I need to go read about your company, at your blog!

  2. Your art work is so wonderful!! And a knitting pattern that you "just made up" ... lady you are very talented.

  3. So nice seeing your lovely paintings.
    Great job on knitting the pattern as you go. Something I sure can do.

  4. Those are the most adorable gloves I have ever seen. Is the look Victorian? I love them! I always feel bad when I've missed some of your posts, but it sure is fun catching up. Your drawings are so sweet, all of the little animals, and the flowers too. Our okra was terrible this year. I always plant Clemson Spineless and love it. This year I planted a pack of Cow Horn okra seeds that came in the mail, for free. The pods are long and light green...and tasteless.

    1. Oh, I'm sorry about your okra, HP :( I don't know what variety these are. Not sure if they are very flavorful, but they sure are growing! We've never done okra before, but we will from now on. I'll look for your favorite kind next year.

  5. How do you cook okra, Mary Kathryn? I've grown it long ago, but other than putting it into soups and stews, I didn't have success cooking it to please anyone.

    Your yellow flowers with the orange centers are my favorite -- I'd like to have something like them in my garden!


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