Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Blue Flowers Watercolor

 These flowers were some of the "hurricane painting" I did to calm myself during Dorian :) I was surprised they came out so well -- except the first flower, the one on the lower right. I was utterly disappointed in its shape.
 I tried to work with it, adding more black paint, even ink. It still did not satisfy me.
 But it was good practice, which was its purpose. I was again surprised when I posted the watercolor on Facebook and a friend said that she liked that flower the best! Isn't that cool? So I touched the flower up a little more with colored pencils, popped the painting into the mail to her, and now I don't have to think about that flower any more, haha!

I liked the concept well enough to attempt another one. I've been wanting to replace both of the not-quite-beautiful watercolors I framed in the spring, with something better. Here is the second Blue Flowers watercolor:
 I popped it into the frame (sadly, with a red mat trim that looks kind of wrong) and am enjoying it on my bedroom wall.
Today I decided to do another, but in orange/yellow/red.
I wish I hadn't put that bit of blue in the background. After this photo I tried scrubbing it a bit to make it lighter, and adding a very light blue wash around the edges of the flowers. I think I should have left it alone. As Adam tells me, "Don't forget the white space!!"


  1. Your water colors are absolutely gorgeous! I've tried water coloring, but could not get the hang of it. Yours look really professional. :)

  2. I love your water color paintings too, and never see anything wrong with them. I've never known anyone with as many talents as you. And, to think that you plan to learn to play the flute...and you will do just that and do it good. You are amazing!!

  3. Loving the watercolors! I need to create some art to frame. You also inspired me to get out my tin whistle. I'm having some fun with that! Keep up the good work!

  4. Your watercolours are really goood! I'm so impressed. This blue one is gorgeous and I agree with your friend that that 'imperfect' flower is lovely! I hope you are ok after Dorian!

  5. Trying to imagine the orange flowers without that bit of blue -- it doesn't seem to me that they would look near as lovely.


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