A Jewish Anthology

This group of poems shows the individual personalities of characters in the Bible. They are not meant as theological statements, nor are they intended to be historical claims. They are my own imagined thoughts, if I could allow these men and women to speak from the dead. I hope you find a fresh approach here to people who may otherwise have seemed flat to you. And, if their lives intrigue you, perhaps you'll go search out the Bible, to find out more about them.

All poems listed here are under copyright, by the author.

Lot's Wife
Laban the Aramean
Tamar, Wife of Er
Rachel, the Second Wife
Jael, Wife of Heber
Rahab of Jericho
Balaam, son of Beor
Job's Wife 
Simeon of Jerusalem
Jubal, Father of Musicians
Elizabeth, of Aaron's Line
Joseph, Son of Jacob
Ezra the Scribe
Joseph of Arimethea
Uriah, the Hittite
Eve, Mother of the Living 
Ezekiel's Wife
Zipporah, Moses's Wife
The Mother of Saul