Friday, December 3, 2010

Elizabeth, of Aaron's line

I often thought of Sarah, Abram’s wife.
We two barren ones. It was my great trial.
Zacharias held out hope and he prayed,
But I knew God would never give a child.

And I was okay with that. Sufferings
Are given to form righteousness in us.
I told myself that was the godly thing
Growing in me, my private blessedness.

Sarah laughed. I was determined not to,
If it came to that. When Zacharias
Was struck mute, hope quickened in me at last;
Perhaps God’s blessing would not pass by us.

One holy boy. I thought it was normal,
This constant spiritual excitement.
God was with me, told me his name was John,
We three communed in my long confinement.

Until Mary came. Mary! What a child!
My spirit swelled as she entered the room.
The Spirit’s blessing on her burst from my lips --
God greeted God, in our two women’s wombs.

December 1, 2010
Copyright by the author

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