Thursday, November 18, 2010

Laban the Aramean

I’d lost one sister to these relatives
Already, wanderers and vagabonds.
Only my branch of the family stayed
And did well for itself, here in Haran.

I remember when they first came begging,
Or rather, sent someone else to do it;
If Abram was doing well in Canaan,
Then why send a servant to plead his suit?

I tell you, Jacob was a common thief.
I’m ashamed my sister had such a son.
After giving one girl to such scoundrels,
Why would I surrender another one?

And so I contrived to fool the trickster,
And in so doing, lost both my daughters,
And my best flocks. He sneaked off in the night
And they all crossed the Euphrates waters.

A heap of stones divided us. We swore
An oath by that old-fashioned God of his,
To do no harm to each other. Why should
Family have to take such an oath as this?

November 18, 2010
Copyright by the author

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