Friday, November 19, 2010

A Jewish Anthology

In case you didn't notice, I posted two poems yesterday. Two!  That's rather a lot, for one day.  In fact, I wrote five of those yesterday.  They came bursting forth as if I'd been bottling them up for years.

I love the idea of a poetry anthology like Masters's Spoon River Anthology, a collection of people, each dead and speaking from the grave, giving their bare, honest assessments of what was important to them. But I never could find the right group of people.  This idea of examining people in the Bible -- many who make only a passing flash on the stage of Scripture -- fascinates me. What did they think of their places in the Biblical account? If God's providence is always working, directing its way in human history, then how do they see their roles in His plan? Did they believe it?

So, if you enjoy a little poetry, I hope you'll like my additions to this anthology, as they come along.  If you'd rather see craft projects or cooking escapades, then I apologize.  Just click on through to the next ugly knitting picture, or burnt loaf of bread :)

Tamar, Wife of Er

I married into a den of vipers.
Er was evil; I was relieved he died.
And his brother Onan, what a reptile!
He said he’d give me a child, and he lied.

So God killed him. And I was left to wait
For a third, a boy. My father-in-law
Judah hated me – but what had I done?
He raised them to their fates, from what I saw.

That’s when I set my female sights on him.
You may say I ensnared him unfairly,
But I was owed a child, it’s his own law;
I was still enticing enough, barely.

Hypocrite, calling me a prostitute!
He liked me well enough, beneath my veil.
And I tricked him thoroughly; I got twins
From the old man, I grabbed the lion’s tail.

What is it with men in this family?
Perez tried to reach past my bright Zerah
During birth, little stinker. Why did God
Choose Perez to be the line of Judah?

November 18, 2010
 Copyright by author

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