Monday, November 29, 2010

Simeon of Jerusalem

For how many decades was the Spirit
Upon me? How long I waited for Him,
For the saving relief of God’s people!
How bowed with grief was our Jerusalem!

And then that day – the Spirit guided me
Along the streets, to the holy temple,
“A Rabbi!” I thought. “I’ll find him teaching!
All Jews will follow his example!”

What a shock to find a crying baby,
But I knew –I knew – this was the one.
This scrawny creature, clinging to his mother,
Was, unexpectedly, God’s very Son.

I held him, for a moment, and he settled,
Prophet Isaiah’s words sprang from my lips.
Then Anna came, as if in affirmation.
He held her ancient finger in his grip.

And that was it. They left for Galilee,
And I never saw him on earth again.
I died two weeks later; even my death
Proclaimed him as the Messiah, to men.

November 21, 2010
Copyright by the author


  1. I like this. And I love the story of Simeon and Anna seeing their long awaited Messiah as a babe.


  2. I love that story also. I imagine their amazing patience, daily, as they hope, especially Simeon, who KNEW he would not die until he saw Jesus. Thanks,Jody.


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