Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jubal, father of Musicians

Growing up in Cain’s evil family,
No one expected me to do something
Beautiful or good. I decided
To shock them all, when I learned how to sing.

My father was the world’s first bigamist,
A brutal, violent man, Cain’s true son.
He ridiculed me -- why didn’t I choose
Something productive, like the other ones?

I traveled back to Seth’s and Enoch’s homes
In secret; as they worshiped, I listened --
Their gentle, flowing voices so different
From ours. And music became my mission.

I spent several hundred years composing
That beautiful, single language of man,
Uniting human voice to human words to
Fair heaven’s joy, as only music can.

By inventing the flute and lyre, I hoped
To leave the world a lasting legacy.
I gave my works, my papers, to Noah,
Before we all were swallowed by the sea.

November 23, 2010
Copyright by the author

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