Monday, November 12, 2007

Candles & Christmas Music

Here I sit, on a Monday evening, listening to Nat King Cole sing about Christmas. The scented candles are flickering around the house. And you ask, why aren't you grading papers or frantically reading for tomorrow?

Because, my friend, I am caught up! I scheduled to grade 2 research papers today, which I've already done. I've prepared for tomorrow. I have nothing left to do. What a strange feeling!

Soon it will be Thanksgiving, and I'll have even more spare time.

I also found out today that I have only 4 students enrolled in my Winterim Creative Writing class. That's 2 1/2 weeks of teaching only 4 students, and only in the morning. And on a topic that will be wonderfully easy. All that, immediately after Christmas Break. I'm REALLY liking this revised schedule this school year!

Anna will take a class on the Holocaust, and one on scrapbooking.
Philip is taking a class on Pop culture, and one on computers.
Unfortunately for Adam, the middle school doesn't do Winterim. I think he's wishing!

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