Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Not much

That's right - not much going on. I haven't blogged in several days because we've simply slung the old ropes around the tired shoulders, and applied ourselves to the plowing. For the next 3 weeks it will be tests, essays, grading, papers, grading, exams, grading. Then we will rest again.

Adam is much recovered from the stress he had before Thanksgiving. He just needed to be home and away from students for a while! I think he can make it until Christmas now :)

I found out yesterday that I WILL be allowed to have my winterim class here at our house! That is great news. That means that, after our 2 week Christmas break, I will have another 2 1/2 weeks in which I teach only 4 students, only from 8-11 each morning, and at my own home. And it's Creative Writing, in case you didn't catch that before. It will be hard to go back to regular teaching after that. Sigh.

Community chorus rehearsal tonight. I think our director bit off more than his choir could chew. I don't feel we will be ready for the performance. A sign of a fine director is that he is able to work his choir to the peak of their perfection, at exactly performance time. The program will be exhausting, especially for us high sopranos. I don't imagine I'll get anything above a G on the last 5 songs.

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