Saturday, November 3, 2007

Reading & Tea in the Mountains

That's what I enjoyed for about 28 hours. I packed the 4 children in the car (a difficult feat with children as large as mine!) and drove west, young man, into the dry, muted hues of this year's fall. Since we all had Friday off from school, it seemed like an ideal time to visit the grandparents. I told Philip that he could probably count on one hand (maybe two, if he's lucky) the number of visits he'll have with them before he goes off to college.

I took my mother's video of Dylan Thomas's "A Child's Christmas in Wales" (a new favorite) which she loaned to me and hadn't seen yet, so we watched than Friday evening. I'm going to continue babysitting it, so my British Lit students can see it.

I spent quite a bit of my time on their couch, reading her biography of CS Lewis. It was a skipping perusal of the book. I've decided I need to pay more diligent attention to Mr. Lewis. I finished "The Abolition of Man" tonight and started "Mere Christianity," which I've never read. We have a lot of Lewis floating around the house. Julia started "The Magician's Nephew" tonight also.

Philip cut down some branches with a pole saw, and Peter ripped out lots of unwanted ivy. Julia played for hours with 2 glass kitties we found at a resale store. Anna read and stroked the cat, Sylvester. Philip took dozens of photos with the digital camera, mostly of trees. I didn't take one picture. Sorry!

We also piled into the car and went to cut bittersweet on the roadside. Mother made a nice arrangement, and I brought some home. It lasts so long.

And Mother had a tea, of course. Those ladies on that mountain top are tea-giving experts. What usually starts as, "How about if I ask a couple of ladies over for a cup of tea?" eventually evolves into 10 of us, scones, cake, cucumber sandwiches, cookies, an assortment of marmalades and jams, and devonshire cream, plus tea and coffee, naturally. Their conversation is delightful, and the deep sense of friendship and support they exude for each other is warming to the soul. It refreshes me more than tea, more than Lewis, more than fall colors. I sit by women who have lost husbands, lost children, live in chronic pain, has passed through cancer or surgery -- and joyfully embrace each day, thanking God for His goodness. Being with them is a treasured lesson in Christian womanhood.

And my husband is glad I'm home. He didn't go. He did, however, do plumbing and roofing, and concrete work while I was gone. And, most important, he got the radio running again in Audrey.

Hopefully, pictures on another day.

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