Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday at last

The Very Long Week is at last over. For me. For Adam, who is now with about 250 middle schoolers for the weekend at a retreat, it's NOT over yet!

In the middle of it all, Philip got sick, the very morning of the evening concert he was to perform in. He missed 2 days of school, but he was johnny-on-the-spot for he concert. The fund-raising event itself was rather poorly attended, but the music was excellent.

My teaching prep and grading is finally under control, but that's because I have cut back on work to a crawl, finally. It will pick back up soon, but it feels good to have a breather. This weekend I have almost no reading to do, and only about 3 research papers to grade. Marvelous!

No other news. Julia got her cavity tended to. Her dentist is a hoot. For $282, he'd better be.

This weekend I'm planning to clean the house, cook a pie, do ALL the laundry, especially Peter's sheets while he's gone on that retreat, grocery shop, and clean the house some more. So, if you don't hear from me, you'll know that I'm vacuuming!

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