Saturday, June 20, 2009

Busy Summer

I always tell myself that THIS summer, I won't let us get so busy. It hasn't worked so far!

Peter and Julia already spent a week at camp, as you know, while Anna spent a week at her best friend's house.

Now Anna is at her aunt and uncle's house. On Monday, Peter will go to another aunt and uncle's house (the blueberry farm). They'll both be gone another 2 weeks.

Philip is working, so he is in and out. Plus, in all possible ways, he is already "at" college, he's so eager to go. That's a good thing. If he were clinging to home, I'd be worried.

Julia went to an interesting birthday party. It was a sleepover at the local Sleep Inn. They had the use of the indoor pool, which is instant entertainment and blissful exhaustion for 10 year old girls. The hosting mom even said that they slept!

Adam will be busy preaching at our church for the near future, so although it may not pay a lot, it will keep him busy while he's job hunting, and keep those preaching skills sharp.

Soon some of us will be going to Music Conference again. And hopefully, after that, things will slow down.

Yeah, right!

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  1. Let me know when you'll be at the music conference and I may be able to pop over for the concert.


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