Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dashing into the Mountains

Adam and I drove to West Virginia on Monday to take Peter to Max and Anne's farm. They have a farm which our family long ago agreed is the most beautiful place on earth. And, unlike Eden, it doesn't get there on its own!! They work so hard, and for the next two weeks, Peter will hopefully contribute a little muscle to the effort!
They have a pick-your-own blueberry farm, 20 minutes north of Lewisburg. Here's a shot of some early berries:

Their children are a huge help to the farming effort. Here's Hannah:

They have a lovely farmhouse that adds to the rural effect, and the work.

It seems that each year, their garden gets bigger. See it stretching away to that tree? And there's more garden on the left. They've started strawberries and asparagus as well as their thousands of blueberry bushes.

And here's their driveway, winding away. We were sorry to leave! It was a quick trip for us. If you're ever in the area in July, stop for some berries at White Oak Berry Farm.

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  1. William has been picking blueberries this summer too. At my oldest brother's farm. He has decided that the worst job in the world (as if he would know) is picking blueberries. But it is good hard work for him and he really does like having a paying job.


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