Thursday, June 11, 2009

A day with Carolyn and her crew

I told Carolyn when I took this pic that I LOVE the expression on her face. She claims to be unphotogenic. I beg to differ! She is holding her #3, Tessa.

Here is Eowyn, such a lady :) I don't know how I failed to get a picture of Tristan. (Don't they pick amazing names?) And their kids eat EVERYTHING. I'll never forget the day I dropped by her house at lunch time, and 2-year old Tristan was eating Crab Bisque for lunch. On this day, she served spinach quiche, which we all gobbled up.

It was so wonderful to have a whole, undisturbed day with my dear friend. And I can honestly say "undisturbed," because her children are well-behaved and secure enough not to need her attention every 3 minutes, interrupting and clinging. It was a pleasure to be around them :)
Carolyn gave me a birthday gift: Jan Karon's Mitford Cookbook. I'm THRILLED! I've wanted that book for so many years, and I've enjoyed thumbing through it the past couple of days.

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  1. You are the perfect guest. :) You soothe my soul.

    The quiche was kale, by the way.


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