Monday, July 19, 2010


We spent all of last week at Bonclarken at our denomination's annual Music Conference. It's such a fun, thrilling, exhausting time. I've posted pics before of the Bonclarken property, the old Heidelberg Hotel, and some of the neat cabins. Here are some pics from this year:

Julia, all dressed up for the Friday evening concert. She's in middle school choir now. They did a gorgeous job on their songs -- beautiful pure, round sound.
There was a lot of friendly, competitive game-playing during the week. Here, Philip and Audra contend over the Monopoly board -- for 2 days!
Peter says it was the best year ever for just hanging with friends and enjoying the great social life among the Bonclarken teenagers. Here he is yapping with Addison.
This is where we spent LOTS of our time -- outside, lounging, recovering from too much singing, waiting for Adam to serve up the next delectable meal. This was a great year for fellowshiping.
Rebecca drove over for the concert, after which she and Philip headed off for various things -- a musical, a wedding, moving into her new apartment, etc. They'll have a busy week.
I think everyone in the group is exhausted now after the week, but we'll go back and do it all again next year if we can! Love that singing!

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