Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ten on the Tenth

Okay, this is a strange idea I got from a friend's blog. Ten random things on the tenth of the month. Here goes:

1. Wednesday evening, driving back home from church, we saw a huge raccoon in the middle of the road eating something. In broad daylight. Raccoons are strange in this neck o' the woods.
2. I finally, finally, got all 27 of my azaleas bushes trimmed, along my front walk. A laborious task I do twice a year and dread beforehand.
3. I made 2 more crocheted bags. (One is blue and brown; the other is white with pastel highlights.) I now have 6 for sale at Hagedorn's, and 2 here at the house, and none of them have sold. Sniff.
4. I think I was in the pool every day this week. Did anyone notice it was HOT?
5. Our tomatoes are ripening. The watermelon is growing, but strangely, it is the only one on all 3 watermelon plants. What's up with that?
7. Adam has decided he needs more interesting toppings if he is to continue eating homemade pizza once a week. So, tonight, our "adult" pizza had: mushrooms, feta cheese, fresh roma tomatoes, parmesan cheese, a smattering of bacon and sausage, plus the obligatory colby and mozzarella. Fun enough for ya?
8. I bought a "Cambridge Old English Reader" in Oxford, England, 18 months ago. Never cracked it open. Because I'm so wild about Old English, you know. Actually, I am; I bought this text just at the time that my fervor for Old English was waning that year. Sigh. Anyway, last night I finally opened it. Thought you should know.
9. On Sunday, the search committee at a church that's considering Adam will meet. They'll choose one of the 3 men they're considering, and invite him to preach. We're hoping, hoping, hoping that it will be Adam. Praying too. It would be so nice to have permanent employment.
10. Tomorrow the Music Conference at Bonclarken begins! I'm so excited! Hopefully I'll be posting pictures for your enjoyment.


  1. It is really nice to read about the little random things...or NOT so little, like the job of trimming all those azaleas!


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