Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rain, rain ...

DON'T go away!

It's been such a long, hot, dry month. Finally yesterday the weather seemed to break. I think it broke right over our heads!

We had such thunder and lightening! It was close and crashing. The lights browned. I went to bed. Then I wondered, sleepily, whether the AC might have tripped off, so I went to find Adam, so he could check the breaker. Couldn't find him in the house ANYWHERE, in the middle of a torrential thunderstorm. I shouted downstairs. Then, surprisingly (did I mention it was about 11:15 PM?), Philip came TEARING up the basement stairs. His bedroom is in the basement, an unfinished, rather-ugly, concrete slab room. "I've got to go bail!" he shouted. "It's pouring in the window!"

I chased him up the stairs. He dashed into the rain and proceeded to bail the rain that was topping out the basement window well. A few minutes later he would realize he was bailing the WRONG window well. Oh well...

I walked fearfully downstairs, imagining the water gushing into my laundry room, rising upon my washer and dryer and spare frig. I opened the door, but ... no water! Hm???

Then I walked into Philip's room. And that's where the water was. About 1/2 inch of rainwater all over the floor. I stood there in my summer nightgown, trying to form a plan in my groggy brain.

We did get it cleaned up, swept the water into the floor drains (Praise the Lord for floor drains!!) and moved ALL Philip's stuff into the den. If you have a teenaged boy, you know the kind of trash/paper/books/shoes/undies/kleenex/ELECTRONICS he has on his floor. (I kept telling the kids NOT to electrocute themselves while standing in the water!)

At 11:45, the basement was a chaos, the water was subdued, the thunder was rumbling, my back was aching, and it was past time for bed. Oh, and I did finally find Adam. He'd been walking around in the yard, IN THE STORM AND LIGHTENING, getting wet just for fun. Strange man.

Tonight, the rain is coming down again, not quite so forcefully. But Adam spent today putting up a new gutter on the back of the house that will protect our window wells, thankfully. So Philip won't float away in the middle of the night :)

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  1. What an adventure....I hope Philip's electronics weren't damaged.

    I remember after one long drought, 20+ years ago, that when it rained, I couldn't keep myself from standing in the rain for joy.


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