Saturday, July 24, 2010

Not Goin' Out There!

Wild animals couldn't drag me outside today. It was over 100 degrees this afternoon! I keep the AC set at about 80, so the house doesn't really feel "cool," but after stepping on the porch for a few minutes, it feels VERY refreshing inside :)

When we returned from Music Conference, our little back yard pool was aswim in algae. Adam cleaned it up and got the algae out, but the pool is STILL cloudy. He's worked and worked on it, to no avail. Well, today, our neighbor, who has a nice in-ground pool, said he called in some pool people ($$$), who told him it is a result of the VERY WARM WEATHER, and there's nothing you can do about it!


Well, at least I know it's safe to swim in, even if it is a little scary not to be able to see one's feet.

So, we're being indoorsmen today. Julia, Adam & I watched "The Young Victoria" today, in the basement, where it's always cool. We've had a little trouble with our air handler -- it's leaking water onto the cement floor downstairs. Into Philip's room, soaking the rug and wetting down a few of his books and things. This gave us another excuse to spend time in the cool basement. And I'm doing laundry there too :)

Not much more to say. Philip returns home this evening, with Rebecca in tow. (I should say she is bringing him home, so perhaps she has HIM in tow.) Anna has about a week and a half left to work at Ridgehaven. Adam is awaiting to hear whether he'll be asked to come preach at a church in Mississippi that is looking for a pastor. I prepare in a haphazard way for the school year, setting up tentative schedules and reading over "Beowulf." The hot summer slogs on, day by sunny day.

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