Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy July 4th!

We had an easy-going July 4th. In fact, we're generally easy-going as a bunch. If faced with a decision to do something complicated, or something simple and laid-back, we will choose the latter. So, we didn't see a single firework, didn't haul a boat to the lake, didn't visit any family, didn't camp out, and didn't go to the beach. We did: hang out the American flag, play a few games, grill burgers and ribs, watch some TV and talk.

And Rebecca is here to do it all with us!
Peter's look tells exactly what he thinks of his daddy's silly kisses.
We found a REAL, SEEDED watermelon, and it was wonderful! (Well, so they say. I'm not much of a watermelon eater.)
Peter is about to spit a seed, I think.
They lounged on the patio and recovered from the eating.
I hope everybody had a restful holiday!

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  1. We, too, had a simple fourth. After evening service, we (me, JD, Jesse, Nina, Nina's dad and cousin, new pastor) ate chilled watermelon David had brought, on the steps of the big house (carefully saving rinds for the horseys back home). Then we walked through a couple of parking lots to Autauga Creek where we waded (sans David and new pastor) until dark when the (pretty spectacular) fireworks started at the stadium. We were far enough away to enjoy them without their tremendous noise or cricks in our necks.


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