Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Always Looking Ahead

I'm just gonna go ahead and say it, even if everybody thinks I'm weird: I've had enough summer now, and I'm ready for autumn to arrive. There.

I've never been a summer-lover. In spite of school being out, swimming, camp, vacations, beach time, and all else it might involve, I dislike summer. I loathe its heat. I grew up in central Mississippi, and there's hardly a hotter place -- nor more still, sticky, and humid -- than central Mississippi. Even in Florida you have daily rain storms and beaches nearby and coastal breezes. Had I been reared in a northern clime with ice and mountains of snow, perhaps I'd be more friendly with heat. But I didn't, and I'm not.

Today is the first hot day. Blessed with a late, cool spring, our days and especially evenings have been nice -- highs in the upper 70s or maybe 80s. But this morning we had a rain shower, and now it's just plain muggy. Sticky. Hotter 'n blazes. I walked outside and my sunglasses fogged up. Ugh.

I want candle weather. Sweater weather. Long sleeves, long pants, and no more leg-shaving. Dark evenings when knitting makes sense. Pots of hot tea to warm me because I need warming! Even my favorite movies are cool-weather movies where people don sweaters and scarves, breathing out warm puffs into cold air as they wrap fingers around friendly cups of whatever. My favorite part of The Wind in the Willows is (of course) the snowy, dark visit to Badger's house. I think I need to move to Norway.

Is there anyone else out there who feels this way? I hate to say I'm a summer-hater, but it's almost true. I tolerate it in good company, with good food and excellent music, in a Latin setting. At nighttime. With a breeze off the ocean. Sigh.

If I whine for the next couple of months, forgive me. In summertime, I'm always looking ahead longingly.


  1. I smiled as I read this. My husband's older brother and his family moved to Pisgah Forest over 30 years ago for the same reasons! I remember that y'all are from that area as well.

    I am a lover of all seasons but freely admit to more indoor time when it's as hot a it is today! All my critters lay low in the heat, too. Come visit my blog to see how they're all doing! Sending a hug and cool wishes!

  2. I understand completely how you feel! It's pretty humid here in Alabama, especially lately with all the storms and such we've been having, and it's just gross and sticky outside. I can't wait for Autumn and cooler temps, but also the way the leaves change color on the tree's and the smell of wood burning and leaf piles turning to ash. Hot chocolate and hot tea. And being able to snuggle under thick squishy blankets! Yeah.. I'm not much of a summer lover either, so complain and whine away!! Summer in the South is definitely not something to be thrilled about lol.

  3. I adore summer so I am not totally with you on this BUT I lived in Bali for a year and honestly, I fantasized about winter- I really did- I was so sick of being sweaty and hot and having to sleep with the fan on 24/7. That first winter back in England was wonderful- I was so grateful. I love the fact we have a temperate climate with four seasons rather than 'The dry season' or 'The wet season' like in Bali. Spring is my favourite, Autumn, my least. x

  4. I don't like to be hot, but I do like the flowers of summer and the sun shining so bright in the morning. I hear you, though. Cozy time is nice time.

  5. Mary Katherine, you do know it's still spring...right? -grin- It's still cool here; need a sweater when I sit on the porch past 7:30 or 8 p.m. Thunderstorms and lightening tend to cool things off as well. My winter is harsh and I'm not hurrying it along at all; I can wait a while especially as the hay still needs to be cut and gathered.

  6. Good morning dear MK ~ Summer has most definitely started down here in s.e. FL. Monday it was nice in the morning so I worked outside for three hours. Tuesday it was horribly hot and humid so I worked indoors. Yesterday was so so, with thunderstorms and heavy rain in the afternoon and early evening and even one storm in the middle of the night. More rain is expected today and I am thankful for the rain, I just hope it doesn't happen on my way to and from work.

    I don't do well with summer heat and humidity, especially the older I get. Being in the air-conditioning always feels wonderful.

    I look forward to cooler fall/winter days too. But for now, I'll try to be content with what each new day brings, hopefully no hurricanes though.

    Have a great day and weekend ~ FlowerLady

  7. I grew up and spent most of my life in So. Calif. and I can tell you that I am not a hot weather girl. Now that I live in No. Calif. the climate is mush more to my liking. Still the summers are too long for me and I often tell my husband that 70 is my ideal summer temp. Where could I live and find that do you suppose?

  8. I always say I hate to wish my life away....including the seasons, so I try to 'love' summer as most everyone else does...but I too am a winter person (and not afraid to admit it, most of the time) I live in northern North Dakota, where the growing season is short, but the days are long, very very long (which is what I like most about summer). It won't get dark tonight until well after 10:30.
    Our summers are beautiful here, with very little humidity. We get just the right amount of rain so we have the chance for several 'thrilling' thunderstorms (the other thing I love about summer). But, for me, that's where the excitement ends as I love cold, dark days when you cozy up with a cuppa and a good book. I also love to knit, crochet, or just putter around my house. I love to cook during the cold months, not so much when it's hot outside, I'm really very lazy when the weather heats up.

    You are in good company. Although not liking summer (as much) seems so wrong to so many, a warm sweater feels a lot better than a blanket of sweat :)

  9. Well, I'm a native Texan so if I don't at least tell myself I love summer I will be miserable 9 months out of the year. The key is to acclimate to the heat and I do that by sitting outside in the mornings for a couple of hours. Doing that helps a lot.


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