Monday, June 9, 2014

Beauty Spots

Hi, all. I apologize, but I must play catch-up. When you count the farmer's market days in this post, you'll know how long I've been giving you only occasional posts on specific events. But first, a spot of riverside beauty:
When my fellow vendors' wares are too pretty to ignore, I drift by their tables snapping photos. Pat's bread is always a looker!
And the "candy people," as we call them, do a great table display. The husband makes such fabulous candy/chocolate treats!
See what I mean?
And some fancy biscotti:
And a market isn't a market without some big bountiful eggs.
These blooms are on a prickly pear cactus, I believe. I've waited two years to catch it in bloom.
A field along one of my bike routes is glistening with wheat right now. The farmers are cutting wheat all over the county. At least ... I think it's wheat. I'm no farmer. All I can say is that it's very elegant, silvery, shimmery. I hate to see it go.

The wheat field surrounds the cemetery outside of town. One dead tree stands watch over the graves, although a mantle of vines covers it in deceptive green.
Back at the market, Pat adorns her baguettes with rosemary.
I asked this lady if I could snap a photo of her shirt. Haha!
Adam said, "We need one of those!" More laughter.
I've been meaning to show you this for the longest time. A friend of mine had her front door redone. It's a gorgeous piece of art in any state, but her friend who did the work did a truly stunning job. The knob is in the center, see?
And just for fun, he carved this pelican on the inside of the door. He's very gifted.
We finally jarred all the honey we pulled from the Langstroth hive, about 7 or 8 quarts, I think. Golden and perfect. I love keeping honey because you can put it in any used jar with a lid. It doesn't have to be processed, heated, sealed, or stored anywhere special. Bees make things that are so very healthy all around, they don't go bad.
Adam's latest project is candle-making. He wanted me to add this to my market skills, but I said I had enough on my plate. He made some 100% beeswax tapers. These two were a trial run, and not finished. I'll get more candle photos later.
During my birthday week my market buddies took me out to dinner like the darlings they are.
We are all nuts. We are all silly. We love each other. I'm so happy they're in my life. They even got me a cake :)
Christine allowed me to take this picture of her and her mammoth hamburger - haha! She was so hungry that night, and of course the waitress forgot to put her order in to the kitchen. Sigh. Poor thing. Like I said, we're nuts.
Back at the market, one vendor's doggie rests in the shade.
The local ukelele group came to market to play and sing for us. They're called The Uhoos -- The Ukelele Hoalohas of Oriental. Hoaloha is the Hawaiian word for "friend." They're adorable -- this is our good friend Russ, in his get-up.

Sunday evening Adam and I took our old date trip to the harbor to look for jumping mullets.
We watch the river through the dipping mimosa branches. Adam says they are weed trees, but I like them.
Two little girls played nearby.
The mimosas droop to the rocks where the trumpet vine blooms.

Anything so feathery in the twilight can't be a weed, can it?
So now I'm caught up with you. There's nothing more to show in photos, although I'm still neglecting my Beowulf, and I've barely scratched the surface of Gladys Taber. And I haven't told you about my parents' latest grand adventure. That will save for another day.


  1. So much going on here. No wonder you've been busy. Farmers markets are always fun as there is so much to see. That candy did look mighty delicious. Also those trees with the feathery blooms are so pretty. The bench looks like the perfect place to soak in the beauty around you.

  2. Pure specialness here, MK! Loved this post. We are so blessed to have such beauty and bounty all around us.

  3. So many lovely photos! I don't know which of these on which to comment. I think the lovely flowers at the start of this post - they are so ethereal. Lovely. The prickly pear is the deadliest of noxious weeds in our parts. Fancy it being grown in the States.

  4. What a lovely post! Friends, food, peaceful views, time with your dear husband enjoying the scenery.

    I bet the beeswax candles would be a hit. Just sell them in cooler weather. :-)


  5. Oooh the market looks tasty! My Grandad used to make bee's wax candles- we found loads around his house and stacks of comb! Your poor friend- she looks hungry!x

  6. You live in a wonderful place. I think I would like it VERY much. Sigh. I grew up with a mimosa in our backyard so it has very special memory for me. My sister and I played with the leaves when we "cooked" up a meal, and of course those fragrant "puffs" were powder puffs as well as flowers adorning our hair. I would have one in a heartbeat.


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