Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bloomin' Oriental!

Oriental is always blossoming into something new and pretty. Just this week, a little old cottage right in the heart of the village is undergoing a total renovation.
I wish I had a photo of this house before they started stripping off the white asbestos siding and removing the single brick chimney. But the team came in like a hoard of locusts and did quick work.
 It's the simplest of little homes, squatting on perhaps a quarter of an acre shaped like a narrow slice of cheese. Two village streets run along the long sides of the cheese slice, and a murky creek is on the other end. But it's a lovely spot, and it truly sits in the very heart of Oriental. There's not a better location in town. From the front door, you look across a narrow road to the Duck Pond, which used to be Raccoon Creek.
 The tiny lot has magnificent oak trees, and apparently the property owners are attempting to preserve and utilize them to maximum advantage. They will turn the cottage around 180ยบ, so it will face the other street and some trees. They will raise the house a few feet to get it above flood risk. They will add a large screened-in porch on the back to overlook the Duck Pond. At least ... that's what an old fellow I met today told me, and he had nosily inquired of the workmen.
The photo below shows the massive triple-oak-tree-cluster that sits at the pointed end of the property. You can see the two streets running on either side. Right now, the cottage faces toward the right; they will pick it up and face it left.
There's nothing more fun than watching a neighbor muck about with his house in a big way, as we all know. I'll try to keep you apprised of what happens with this little place. I like this cottage. It was a rental, and has sat empty and pathetic for about 6 months.  Now it will be loved and cherished again, as it should, and the location will have the value it should. And they won't cut down the trees! Yay!

The flower photos were taken Saturday at my friend's garden. She's a wonder. I'm always happy if I simply don't kill a plant. I don't expect it to do anything pretty :)


  1. Lovely blooms and I love seeing what is being done with this cottage. Restoration is a good thing.


  2. Can't wait to see what happens to the cottage. What a wonderful yard and that tree is huge! Is that a squirrel nest I spy up in its branches? We have a good many in the trees around our home (not actually in our yard) so I watch a lot of early morning squirrel scampering.

  3. What a sweet little cottage! I love places like this. Thanks or another nice tour of Oriental!


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