Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday: Done and Dusted

Saturday was zippy. When you're at the farmer's market at 6:45 AM, bright and early (but not necessarily either bright-eyed or bushy-tailed!), you gotta make a stab at being zippy. Our farmer friend Joe brought newly dug little red potatoes.
These yummy darlings were toted in his mother's old oyster basket.
Another friend brought more gladiolas to sell.
We see dozens of doggies each market day -- Oriental is full of them! -- but this lonesome sweetie gazing out the truck window really caught my eye. I can just hear her saying, "Daddy! Where are you! Come back!"
We have pork sellers at the market, and my friend Bob's t-shirt seems very appropriate.
I can't resist a few boat names, you know. The Abacus ~
A clear division of labor aboard this vessel ~
A monster-sized power boat called "SleepWalk" from Virginia Beach ~
This blue-bottomed beauty was tied up to the town dock. With that bright red dragon, I thought they were displaying a flag they'd just bought in Oriental -- the dragon is kind of our town mascot. But Adam thought perhaps they were from Thailand. Thailand? They're pretty far from home!
And look at the name of her home port. Ynyslas -- where's THAT?
I met the two men who sail this boat when the came to my market table. They're from Wales! Wales -- ahh -- I told them I've always wanted to visit Wales, and it's true. Actually, it might be a lie. I don't know that I only want to visit. I might just want to settle in and stay, if I ever arrived in Wales! The owner did not sail across the ocean from Wales. He started in Mexico and is headed to Baltimore. Then he'll fly back home and work for a while until he has money to sail some more. That's what many sailors do -- work to support their sailing habit.
Some flowers, you say? Certainly!
This large bush is in front of our house. I believe it's a Rose of Sharon.
It keeps the bumblebees occupied.
The first summer rose abundance has passed, but a few bushes are still showy. This one's lovely:

The market was a scorcher today, so Adam asked if we could eat lunch together out. We've had a busy week and not as much time alone as we like. We ended up at a local watering hole, Brantley's. Plain country food, nice low prices. And a nice piece of Neuse River artwork on the wall.
And a cool-looking shrimp boat perched atop the buffet line!
And a very fine turkey club sandwich. I ate half for lunch and half for dinner.
I must say ... we started at different restaurant in town. We were seated and given two waters to drink, while waiting for our server. She never came, oddly enough. We never did have anyone ask if we wanted a drink or to order food. The other staff bustled around a bit. They weren't that busy; there were empty tables. We sat, enjoying the time to chat. But in the end, it was just plain odd that no one came to ask if we wanted to eat anything. After about 15 minutes, we stood up and left -- then the hostess (sitting outside smoking) said she hoped we'd enjoyed our meal, and I informed her that we didn't have a meal because no one had come to take our order or even say she was our waitress. I bet there was a stir when we drove off. But I was happier at Brantley's anyway, and their prices are significantly better. And their service is prompt. Why pay more for food that's not really any better, and for terrible service? Or should I say non-existent service? Were we wrong to leave? We don't like to make a fuss, or complain, or go ask for things, and I don't think that a poorly-run establishment should be supported. Adam says it's a matter of communication among the dining room staff. The hostess (honestly) seemed rather rude, so I'm not surprised the place is chaotic. Ah well. Live and learn. Brantley's was refreshing!


  1. I *thought* I recognized that dragon as a Welsh dragon. We have some folks who live out here who have Welsh heritage and they have a similar dragon on their mailbox. Cool! My husband's relatives were from Wales. I'd like to go too.

    LOVE those beautiful roses. Oh my!

    No, you were not wrong to leave the restaurant with no service. I don't blame you one bit. Besides, that sandwich looks great. Two meals from one sandwich sounds perfect.

  2. A similar thing happened to us in a restaurant years ago. There were only a couple of waitresses and they were rushed off their feet. After an hour we got up and paid for the drinks we had been served. We then had to almost literally prove that we hadn't seen served any food. Well, nobody had taken our food order....easy. They were full of apologies. But we had lost our appetite anyway. It was a bit of a mad experience and we haven't been back to that restaurant.

  3. I always enjoy those exotic/humorous boats! Wales! I'll go with you! I think you did the right thing at the restaurant. You didn't make TOO much of a scene, lol. Oh, those new potatoes reminded me that I keep intending to get some to make "skin on mashed potatoes", as I call them! Love them! (The sandwich looks yummy.)

  4. Delightful post! Boats, flowers, food - perfection. I always smile through your posts. Have an excellently blessed and truly bountiful rest of the day!

  5. Those new potatoes look yummy. The flowers are gorgeous and you did the right thing leaving the restaurant. They were totally in the wrong.

    Have a nice week ~ FlowerLady

  6. I visited Wales about 30 years ago, loved it! That little dog in the truck was so cute, and I loved seeing the beautiful roses and glads. And yes, I would have left the restaurant too!

  7. Beautiful photos as always of your lovely Saturday. I want to visit so bad. Did I mention watching a movie that reminded me of you. It takes place in Georgia though, I think, but right on the water. (I can't remember the name of it...a romantic movie with that blond dancer from DWTStars.) We've left restaurants before and always been happier when we did.


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