Wednesday, June 4, 2014

P.T. = Personal Torturer

Just kidding. We really like Adam's physical therapist -- she's fabulous. Our little town of retiree boaters, population 850, has its own health/fitness center with a physical therapy business attached. Orientalites like their water aerobics and knee replacements. They also occasionally fall down on docks and boat decks.
After the doctor took away Adam's brace and told him he could bend all he wants, his P.T. appointment last week was exciting. She made him wince by bending him to about 94ยบ -- just a little past a right angle at the knee. Then she took him into the gym area.
He bounced his heel on a half-bouncy ball.
He enjoyed the bike machine very much; it allowed him to bend like biking with all four limbs assisting. His thigh muscle is particularly weak from disuse, and his knee is not strong enough to hold him.
It's fun to see him do things like this. He slowly rolled the ball down the wall a little, bending at the knees and trying hard to keep his weight evenly balanced between the two legs -- thus putting 50% weigh upon his bad knee. That's the maximum he's allowed to do right now, but he couldn't do it. He always leaned onto the other leg. It will take some time.
The bend:
Adam is so very eager to get better, and now he has a bit of a green light from the doctor. But 50% weight-bearing means he MUST use two crutches at all times, which hampers him from carrying much of anything. He has a small satchel for a book or two, but he can't carry containers or plates or glasses. He dislikes asking for help. But he's making progress at the fastest possible rate. Both the doctor and the P.T. gal are very pleased with him. And when I think of what he did to that knee only 2 months ago, I'm amazed also. God has healed it beautifully. Each time I changed the bandage, I placed my hands on his knee and prayed for healing. God answered those prayers and many others.


  1. Many congratulations to Adam! continue recovering!
    hugs to you!

  2. It's going so well --- of course! How nice to see Adam's progress!!!

  3. He looks so cute with his hat and collared shirt :)

  4. So glad it is going well!!! Hurrah for Adam!!! The physiology sounds awfully hard though! X

  5. Wow! Well, good for him. It seems like the recuperation has gone fast, but I think it's just gone fast for US, not you and Adam.

  6. Go Adam go! It always amazes me when our bodies heal and especially the very traumatic stuff like Adam's knee. \o/

  7. So good to see the improvement in Adam. Keep it up mate!


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